Hobbies are really important in our life. One can say that his work is his hobby - well, it could be, however, I can't imagine being involved into one and the same thing all the time. Hobbies are guarantee, that there is a healthy balance between professional work and daily life. One should remember, we need our works for living - this is the professional approach - we don't live to be just working. Therefore, professionalism is welcome, workaholism is not!

So, it's all about balance when we talk about hobbies. Just like in martial arts. Not to mention the obvious thing: we need our hobbies to reduce all the stress, fresh up our thoughts and keep the body fit - especially, if we are working in the office environment, where most of us are spending hours, sitting behind the computer displays.

After this short introduction, please feel invited to learn more about my hobbies of choice. I hope you'll learn something more about myself:

1. Skiing - my winter activity. Here are some photos from some of my escapades. My first pair of skis were wooden, then I had some plastic skis for children (made in DDR - it was in the middle of the 80's), then my first professional pair of skis which were produced by Polish company Polsport (I wonder it this company still exists)... And today I used to ski on quite flexible Fischer RX8.

2. Sailing - this was one of my main hobbies a couple of years ago. I reduced the time spent on sailing last years, however, I hope I'll be more involved soon, again :-). Anyway, if its summer and there is a chance to sail a bit, I'm always ready. Of course, I dream about having my own boat - it's really natural for skier. Right now I'm certified coastal skipper - I don't think I plan to continue my certification path in this area. At least, not now.

3. Martial Arts - don't get me wrong. I'm not the master. I just like to spend my time working hard. What I like in Martial Arts is that - no matter what style do you practice - you can feel that you can develop your mind and understand a lot of things by - theoretically - just hard physical training. Martial Arts are much more about ourselves that we can even imagine. There are a lot of meanings in each ceremony, move or technique. You just have to open your mind and try to listen closely to your Teacher. Of course, it's not about fighting only. What I learnt is that I have to win with myself first, then I can think about beating the others. I believe that the essence of my style of choice, which is KARATE, is hidden in the one sentence by Gichin Funakoshi: Karate ni sente nachi (popular translation is: "There is no first attack in Karate", but I prefer the one gave by my Teachers: "Karate is not an art of aggression").

4. Technical writing - yes. This is it. You may be confused, but I do love writing. I dream about being able to write some fiction one day, but up for now, I was involved into a lot of writing in both: Polish and English in the IT field. I wrote a lot of professional press articles on many IT related subjects, as well as I wrote thousands of design documents, test scenarios, reports, analysis, manuals, training materials, procedures etc. You want to ask - where I have time for this? Well, it's hard to said. I just try to manage my time efficiently and in the team, usually, I'm the only one, who likes writing such kind of stuff. Maybe it's beacuse there is - probably - some humanist in me :-)

I'm also collecting retro computers, but it's not the real hobby. It's just a kind of interest. I'm into computers since I was 12 years old (not so young, in fact) and hence I now can have all these Atari, Commodore, Spectrum and other machines. Yet, I'm not die-hard collector. The plan is to save some of these lovely machines for educational purposes. I want to show them all to my son, when he will grow enough to appreciate such presentation :-)